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world struggling through federation to collective
unity. An ad hoc disarmament police with its
main strength in the air would necessarily fall
into close co-operation with the various other
world police activities. In a world where criminals
can fly anywhere, the police must be able to fly
anywhere too. Already we have a world-wide
network of competent men fighting the white-
slave traffic, the drug traffic and so forth. The
thing begins already.
All this I write to provide imaginative material
for those who see the coming order as a mere
blank interrogation. People talk much nonsense
about the disappearance of incentive under
socialism. The exact opposite is the truth. It is
the obstructive appropriation of natural resources
by private ownership that robs the prosperous
of incentive and the poor of hope. Our Declara-
tion of Human Rights assures a man the proper
satisfaction of all his elementary needs in kind, and
nothing more. . If he wants more than that he
will have to work for it, and the healthier he is
and the better he is fed and housed, the more
bored he will be by inactivity and the more he
will want something to do. I am suggesting
what he is likely to do *in general terms, and
that is as much as one can do now. We can
talk about the broad principles u|>on which these